Report a problem

Noise or nuisance

Use this online form to report a noise or nuisance problem within the borough.

We will ask you for a description and the location of the noise or nuisance as well as your contact details.

We may need to confirm details about the report with you, so it is important you supply us with your information. Without it, there is limited action the Noise and Nuisance service are able to take. After you have submitted your form, we will email you to confirm we have received it and are dealing with your report.


For more information please visit Resolve a problem with noise or nuisance.

Track progress with a MyRBKC account

You can Register or Sign in to your MyRBKC account to track the progress of this request. An account will save you time by automatically providing your contact information when completing forms and allow you to view a history of your reports.

Last updated: 10 November 2021