Managing traffic and transport


Mobile Lifting Operation (MLO) Application Form

Apply for a licence to carry out a Mobile Lifting Operation on the public highway

Temporary Traffic Order (TTO) Application Form

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Order using our online application form

Search Traffic Management Orders

Search for Traffic Management Orders.

Licences and site layout

Advice for builders on licences and site layout to minimise the impact on the highway.

Highways advice for builders

Builders working on the highway need related permits and licences in place before they start work.

Electric vehicles

Find out where you can charge your electric vehicle in the borough.

Public transport

Information about public transport which serves the borough including London Underground, trains, new rail lines, buses and river travel.

Local Implementation Plan

Information about the updated Local Implementation Plan which supports the Transport Strategy published by the Mayor of London.

Policies and strategies

Policies and plans relating to transport and highways including the core strategy.

Managing traffic

Information on managing traffic in the borough including initiatives to encourage active and sustainable modes of travel.

Travel plans

How we work with local schools and businesses to reduce traffic, improve air quality and encourage healthier ways to get around.

Car clubs

Information on the car club schemes happening independently in the borough

Mobile lifting operations licence

Information about mobile lifting operation licences including costs, how to apply and separate applications for parking suspensions.

Temporary traffic orders

Information about temporary traffic orders including costs, conditions and how to apply.

Golborne Road Consultation

Information on the Golborne Road consultation for improvements to the road including files for download which detail the progress of works.

Kensal Portobello Crossrail Station

Information about Crossrail 1 and a station at Kensal

Traffic Management Orders

Information about traffic orders including a search tool for recent and under consultation orders.

Latest Local Implementation Plan (LIP)

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Third Local Implementation Plan

Ladbroke Grove Improvements consultation

Consultation on Improvements to Ladbroke Grove

Carrying out works in the borough

What to consider when carrying out works in the borough.

Borough-wide 20mph speed limit

Information on plans for a borough-wide 20 mph speed limit as part of our Covid-19 response Active Travel Plan.

Sloane Street

Read about the extensive improvements we are making to Sloane Street.

Pedestrian Improvements at traffic lights in Chelsea – consultation

The Council is proposing to improve pedestrian facilities at the following three traffic signal-controlled junctions