Council tax

  • Discounts and exemptions

    Information on council tax discounts and exemptions available including how to apply for them and properties exempt from council tax.

  • Ways to pay your Council Tax

    Information on paying your council tax in a range of instalments. Council tax can by direct debit, online, in person, by phone and by post.

  • Online forms - council tax

    Complete council tax forms online including moving into or out of the borough, student discount/exemptions and amend your existing council tax account.

  • Register for council tax or notify of change

    How to notify us about a change in address or circumstances

  • Who pays council tax?

    Information on who is responsible for paying council tax

  • Garden squares

    The Royal Borough has over a hundred garden squares; forty six of these raise an annual levy which is collected as part of the council tax due from residents whose properties form part of the garden.