Parks and gardens


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Parks police service

Find out about the work that the parks police service do to keep our parks safe


Embankment Gardens

Embankment Gardens is a collection of gardens at the feet of the bridges alongside Chelsea Embankment

St Mary Abbots Gardens

You can visit St Mary Abbots Gardens to enjoy the gardens and seating area


Athlone Gardens

Find out about the refurbishment of Athlone Gardens

Avondale Park

You can visit Avondale Park to explore the formal gardens, play sports or see the wildlife area.

Barlby Gardens

Barlby Gardens is a small community garden with shrubs and plants

Chelsea Common

Chelsea common is a small area with trees and flower beds

Cluny Mews

Cluny Mews is a small grass area on the junction of West Cromwell Road and Warwick Road.

Colville Square Gardens

Colville Square Gardens has flowers, shrubs and a small play area.

Cremorne Gardens

Cremorne Gardens is next to the Thames, with views of the river

Dovehouse Green

Dovehouse Green is an old burial ground that has been transformed into a garden

Emslie Horniman's Pleasance

Emslie Horniman's Pleasance is the official launch pad of the Notting Hill Carnival


Ifield Road

Ifield Road is a small children’s play area next to Earls Court youth centre


Kensington Memorial Park

You can visit Kensington Memorial Park to use the water play area, see the gardens or use the sports facilities

Lancaster Green

Lancaster Green is a small area behind Kensington Leisure Centre for playing sports


Little Wormwood Scrubs

The Park consists of a large open area consisting of amenity grassland, semi-improved neutral grassland, scrub, scattered trees and woodland 

Powis Square

You can visit Powis Square to use the free hard play area and children’s play area


Redcliffe Square Gardens

Redcliffe Square Gardens has mixed shrubberies and a small play area


Ropers Gardens

Ropers Gardens is a small area near Chelsea Embankment with seating


Royal Avenue

Royal Avenue is a gravelled avenue next to the busy King’s Road Chelsea


St Luke's Gardens

You can visit St Luke’s Gardens to use the play area and see the attractive flower display


Sunbeam Gardens

Sunbeam Gardens contains shrubs and a seating area

Tavistock Square Gardens

Tavistock Square Gardens contains plants and a children’s play area

Thurloe Place

Thurloe Place is a small garden containing the Yalta Memorial

Westfield Park

You can visit Westfield Park to enjoy the trees, shrubs, flowers, and children’s play area


Your local park

Read about parks and open spaces near you.

Parks Improvements

Find out about the parks strategy for improving and maintaining the parks in the borough


Holland Park

Holland Park has sports facilities, children’s play areas and a Japanese Garden.

Emslie Improvements Project

Results of the consultation on improving Emslie Horniman's Pleasance

Detailed tree data

In addition to the data provided on the website, a more comprehensive record of the Holland Park tree data is available to download from this page

Holland Park Adventure Playground

Holland Park Adventure Playground reopened in July 2019 after extensive refurbishment.

Parks Service contract

About the review of the Parks Service maintenance contract.

Memorial benches scheme

The Leisure and Parks Department operates a memorial benches scheme for some of its parks and cemeteries.