Grenfell community programme residents’ panel takes shape

Published: Monday 13 September 2021

Following a local recruitment campaign, over 18 North Kensington residents have expressed an interest in forming a brand new residents’ panel which will shape future Grenfell Project Funds (GPF) and Community Leadership Programmes (CLP).

The idea of a residents’ panel came from a group of North Kensington residents who expressed a desire to take charge and shape the future programmes following a Grenfell Community Assembly about the topic. This led to a wider consultation, in which the majority of respondents were also in agreement about the formation of a panel. You can view the findings from the consultation online.

Residents were keen to establish a residents’ panel to ensure greater transparency over how the fund was allocated and to help co-design future Funds and Programmes with the Council.

Council staff have been out and about in North Kensington talking to residents, attending events and working with community leaders over the past couple of months to raise awareness of the panel. On the menu has also been resident and Councillor-led garden parties, picnics and community breakfasts where we have spoken to people interested in joining the panel.

Those who have signed up to join the panel will have a chance to :

  • Share their personal experiences of the GPF and CLP
  • Shape future GPF grants programmes and CLP community commissioning processes
  • Co-design the GPF grant application and assessment processes
  • Observe, monitor and quality assurance check the GPF grants programme and CLP commissioning process
  • Evaluate both 
  • Receive training which will help them fulfil their roles

Local resident Moyra said: “I believe the panel should consist of a diverse representation from the community and that is across all ages…There should be people in the 18 to 25 age range, we should have parents, single parents, women…we should have people from different cultural groups and we should have some people on the panel who have actually been part of community organisations preferably before Grenfell but also from Grenfell.”

In the coming weeks we will be launching the second round of the Grenfell Projects Fund with a pre-qualification stage to help those residents interested in applying for funding ahead of the main application stage in November. Applicants who are successful at this pre-qualification stage will be invited to apply at the main application stage.

You can hear what some residents said about the new panel on our YouTube channel.

You can find out more information by going to and searching Grenfell Projects Fund.