Council to back local school partnership with £1m loan

Published: Friday 1 July 2022

The Council is stepping-up its support for a local Multi Academy Trust (MAT) at Holland Park School by making a £1m loan available to Kensington Aldridge Academy, which will secure the viability of an academy partnership between the two schools. 

The local MAT would see Holland Park School partner with nearby Kensington Aldridge Academy, a joint venture which has been strongly supported by teachers at the school and parent groups. 

Cllr Catherine Faulks, Lead Member for Family and Children’s Services, said: “Parents and staff have been clear – a national MAT is not a fit for Holland Park. In loaning this £1m, we are thinking about what is best for our young people who will benefit from the local understanding KAA can offer, and the highly regarded services that can be shared between the two schools. 

“We are choosing to back our communities, listen to local teachers, and make the best possible outcome for the school viable."

The final funding decision from the Council will be made at the Leadership Team meeting on Wednesday 6 July. A recommendation will then be made by the Regional Schools Commissioner in late July, which will be passed on to Baroness Barran for her final decision. 

Various options are being considered for the school, including larger, national MATs such as United Learning and Harris Academy. In making the £1m loan available, the Council will ensure that decision makers consider the local partnership as a viable option.

While these large MATs would be able to install their curriculum, teachers and other resources, the ongoing view of the Council, teachers at the school and parent groups has been that the unique needs of Holland Park School and its community would be better understood by creating a new trust between the two schools, located less than a mile away from each other. 

Read the full paper about the £1m KAA loan on the Leadership Team Meeting papers.