Advice for builders


Noise and nuisance

Information on how to resolve a noise or nuisance problem, including advice for builders and the law.

Land contamination

Information about land contamination, what causes land contamination and how it can be dealt with.

Highways advice for builders

Builders working on the highway need related permits and licences in place before they start work.

Avoiding annoyance on site

Information on how to avoid annoyance on site and keep good relations with neighbours.

Code of Construction Practice

Information about the Code of Construction Practice including details on controlling noise, vibration and dust.

Steps for builders

The steps that developers and builders should be taking to ensure residents are protected from disturbance, noise and vibration.

Biodiversity and trees

Protecting trees during the course of building works.

Communication during building projects

How to ensure good communication with residents throughout building projects.

Conserving the legacy

Information on preserving our cultural heritage during building projects with guidance for builders and developers who work on sites with archaeological significance.

Drainage and flooding

Information on drainage, flooding and discharge of wastewater including legislation, best practice and advice for residents.

Energy use and sustainability advice

How contractors can employ best practice and ensure the process of construction or deconstruction is made more sustainable.

Health and safety advice for builders

Health and safety advice, and information on working with asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Land contamination advice

Dealing with land contamination on a building site.

Light pollution advice

Advice for builders on lighting and light pollution.

Party walls

Advice and guidance on adjoining buildings or structures to building works.

Code of Construction Practice - Minimising the Impact of Noise, Vibration and Dust

Code of Construction Practice - Minimising the Impact of Noise, Vibration and Dust