School admissions


Find a school

Information about schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with links to their websites and downloadable maps of school locations.

Starting primary school

Information on how to apply for a primary school place for reception class 2022.

Starting secondary school

Find out the how the application process works for your child's application to secondary school from September 2022.

In-year primary admissions

Apply for a primary school place if you are moving, or if your child is changing schools during primary school age.

In-year secondary admissions

Apply for a secondary school place if you are moving, or if your child is changing schools during secondary school age.

Schools admission appeals

Admission appeals for childrenĀ that have been turned down for a place at a preferred school.

Fair access protocol

Information on how we ensure children considered hard to place and/or vulnerable are secured a school place.

Determined Admissions 2021-22

Admission arrangements for the academic year 2021-22

Determined admission arrangements for 2022-23

Information about the admissions policies of schools in Kensington and Chelsea for the 2022-23 academic year.

Statutory documents

Download reports and information relating to school admissions and place planning

Term dates

Information about the recommended terms and holiday dates for schools which now have the autonomy to determine their own term dates.

Determined admission arrangements for 2023-24

Information about the consultation on admission arrangements 2023-24.